Machine Maintenance


What is the importance of Machine Maintenance?


Ø  The main purpose of Regular Machine Maintenance is to ensure that all Machines required for production is operating at 100% effectively at all times.

Minor problems can be detected and corrected before they become a major problem that can shut down a production line of your Company.


Glastechnik-Mena Maintenance Team


Ø  Glastechnik-Mena are committed in providing quality maintenance services to every customers needs for glass processing machineries and all kinds of glass equipment maintenance with our highly trained technician.


Ø  Glastechnik-Mena can provide all the facilities of Maintenance needed for your Machine. It depends on the customer’s what will be the Contract, we will recommend the maintenance suitable for our customer’s machine.


We offer Contract for Maintenance of Machine to any Glass Company.

Our Maintenance Include’s:


·         Inspecting equipment, Structure or material

·         Performing general physical activities

·         Repairing and maintenance of machine

(Including changing of broken parts, Changing oil ETC...)



Glastechnik MENA - Brochure

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